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  1. Albertville Dentist Using Botox to Treat TMD Symptoms

    In addition to cosmetic purposes, BOTOX® has proven therapeutic uses and can be used to treat gummy smiles, teeth clenching and other symptoms of TMD. At White Smiles Family Dentistry, Dr. White knows there is more to a beautiful smile than just great teeth. As someone with a keen understanding of facial structures, Dr. White is uniquely qualified to provide you with not only the smile of your dr…Read More

  2. Lumineers at Albertville Dentist for a Confident Smile

    Did you know that White Smiles Family Dentistry offers Lumineers? We want our patients to feel radiant and confident about their smiles. No more hiding your smile, no more low self-confidence, all it takes is two appointments, and you can begin to radiate with a smile that stands to impress. Call us and get started today! 763/210-2631 Click here for more before and after images!…Read More

  3. Dental Care You Can Trust

    Have you seen dentist after dentist in Albertville and still can’t seem to find one that your trust with your oral hygiene and care? At White Smiles Family Dentistry, we understand that the majority of people do not enjoy going to the dentist. We know that many people have had bad, if not traumatizing, experiences with other dentists around the area. However, we are not like other dentists. At W…Read More

  4. Addressing and Treating Bruxism

    Many adults grind or clench (technical name is bruxism) their teeth unknowingly during sleep or when feeling stress. It is even common for athletes during intense play. For most, it is a natural reaction to stress, but can also be a result of a more serious dental condition. Addressing bruxism is important to avoid eventual damage to the teeth and gums– even tooth loss. Through thorough examinat…Read More