Trying to find the best dentist in Albertville, MN? Why not try our dentist’s office. White Smiles Family Dentistry offers state-of-the-art equipment combined with gentle dentistry and a friendly, competent staff to take care of all your family’s dental care needs. Our family dental clinic in Albertville offers a full range of dental care services, from cleanings and whitenings to fillings and crowns. Our dentist, Dr. Dustin White, is a Minnesota native, and he has ample experience in all fields of dentistry. He’s passionate about helping people, and he wants to help your family with all of your dental care needs. Give us a call and make an appointment today!

  1. Coming Soon… Invisalign Treatment

    Coming Soon.. INVISALIGN Orthodontic Treatment Dr. White is taking courses this weekend to complete his certification in Inviaslign techniques to help you achieve a beautiful, straight smile without all the metal and wires! Call us to schedule your free consultation! 763-515-3615…Read More

  2. Mouth Healthy

    March is National Nutrition Month! Take a look at the American Dental Associations top foods for your teeth slideshow to learn more about a healthy oral cavity-- and an overall healthy body! //…Read More

  3. Spring Cleaning

      Spring is near! While many of you will be doing some spring cleaning around the house & yard, why not take just a little time to stop in for a Spring Cleaning for your mouth! We accept most insurances & offer FREE whitening for life for new patients! No insurance? No problem! Get an exam, full set of x-rays & a professional cleaning for only $149. Call us today, appointments boo…Read More

  4. Dental Hygiene Habits You Can Change

    It takes a lot more than happiness to keep a smile healthy. A healthy smile requires a strong dental care routine, regular visits to the dentist and healthy habits in order for you to have beautiful pearly whites you love. At White Smiles Family Dentistry, we work hard to help you achieve the beautiful smile that you desire, therefore we’ve created a list of dental hygiene habits that a majority…Read More