The dental services we provide in Albertville, MN, include Invisalign, which is an alternative, more comfortable way to straighten teeth without the need for wire braces. Our patients of all ages choose Invisalign because not only is it a comfortable alternative, it’s also a virtually invisible approach to getting the smile you want. The “braces” are not made of metal; they are clear and they are engineered for the right fit. What’s more, it’s easy to remove your Invisalign appliance when you need to eat, drink, brush your teeth, or floss. It’s designed to fit in your mouth specifically, adding to the comfort of this teeth-straightening treatment. Contact our dental clinic for Invisalign or any other dental services you may need, including dental cleaning. Reach out today!

  1. Invisalign is Here!

    Invisalign treatment is here!! We are excited to announce Dr. White has completed coursework to perform Invisalign clear orthodontic retainers to straighten teeth. No more brackets and wires, plus average treatment times of only 12 months! Call to schedule your FREE consultation today! Our goal is to help YOU create the smile you've always wanted!…Read More

  2. Coming Soon… Invisalign Treatment

    Coming Soon.. INVISALIGN Orthodontic Treatment Dr. White is taking courses this weekend to complete his certification in Inviaslign techniques to help you achieve a beautiful, straight smile without all the metal and wires! Call us to schedule your free consultation! 763-515-3615…Read More