Many adults grind or clench (technical name is bruxism) their teeth unknowingly during sleep or when feeling stress. It is even common for athletes during intense play. For most, it is a natural reaction to dentist Albertvillestress, but can also be a result of a more serious dental condition. Addressing bruxism is important to avoid eventual damage to the teeth and gums– even tooth loss. Through thorough examination for the signs of teeth grinding and discussing possible symptoms patients may be experiencing, our dentist in Albertville can identify a solution and help prevent any further damage!

Bruxism Signs and Symptoms:

∙ Frequent headaches

∙ Earaches and neck pain

∙ Jaw pain and tenderness

∙ Worn, chipped or flat looking teeth

∙ Locked jaw

There are a variety of ways to treat teeth grinding, depending on the status of dental health and the cause. The most common is a custom mouthguard to be worn at night or during stressful situations, which will prevent teeth grinding and jaw clenching and reduce or eliminate the associated symptoms. For athletes, wearing a custom sports mouthguard can alleviate stress put on the teeth during play. This has also been shown to improve their overall performance. Dr. White may recommend restorative procedures such as dental crowns, tooth bonding, or orthodontics to realign the bite if necessary, as well as to repair damage from bruxism that can compromise the integrity of the teeth. Contact our office today if you suspect you suffer from bruxism.