May has only just begun, and it’s about to get better. In case you weren’t aware, May is National Chocolate Month, and we expect that you’ll be enjoying every minute of it. While the chances of finding chocolate in every restaurant, bar and sweet shop that you visit are pretty high, we know that the fact it’s going to be celebrated for an entire month will only increase the chances of your indulging.

Since we know there’s no stopping you, we figured the least we could do is offer you a few tips that will help ensure that your teeth are in a healthy and working condition once this month has come and gone.

Space Out Your Brush

For some unknown reason it is common belief that brushing directly after eating sweets is the best way to minimize your chances of getting any cavities, but that isn’t actually true. The best time to brush is 30 to 60 minutes after you’ve consumed the sweets. Directly after eating sweets, our saliva hasn’t built up and isn’t able to compartmentalize the enamel that has been effected, after they’ve had some time to break down the sugars, you’re good to go!

Floss Once A Day

Flossing is one of the more tedious dental hygiene habits that we need to do. While it isn’t the most enjoyable habit to do, it’s especially important to do when you’re consuming so much sugar. Because sugar can break down fairly easily, it makes it even easier for sugar to get into the crevices that we can’t reach when brushing, thus the importance of flossing.

As your Top Rated Local® dentist in Albertville, we want nothing more than for you to enjoy National Chocolate Month. Make sure that you follow these few tips and schedule out your semi-annual appointment, and we can ensure that your dental health continues to run smoothly.