Going into a dentist appointment you have a pretty good idea of what you’re going to hear: You need to floss more; brush for 2 minutes; congrats, you’re cavity free; your smile’s looking great!

Maybe what you hear when you come into our office is a variation of these, but over time, we see patients that think they have the right idea of what we look for as dentists. While many of the assumptions are rooted in suggestions and tips that we have worked hard to implement in your lifestyle, society has added its own touch to create assumptions that aren’t correct. With the general knowledge we all believe we have, it’s important to correct points of view that aren’t right. Here are a few things you might here from one of us, that you may not have expected.

Having a smile that is healthy, is more important than having a smile that is “perfect”.

With the way that advertisements and companies get the attention of society, our vision of what “perfect” is becomes skewed. From the pearly white teeth of models to the countless products that have been designed to straighten, whiten and improve our smiles, it’s no wonder that we think that in order to have a perfect smile we need to utilize these products. The truth is that having a healthy smile, regardless of the shading of your teeth and straightness, is better.

There are so many more things that your dentist will tell you that will blow your mind away. From the habits you think are beneficial to the procedures we all think are necessary, you’d be surprised. Keep checking in with our blog to see what other unexpected things your dentist could tell you.