We all want whiter teeth, but it’s all too easy to make disastrous mistakes when whitening your teeth.

Who doesn’t want a white, beautiful smile reminiscent of Julia Robert’s famous smile? Sparkling, white teeth never go out of style, but achieving that kind of smile on your own is not as easy as many people think. The following is a list from our dentist office in Albertville of a few of the most common DIY teeth whitening mistakes we run into:

Mistake #1. Not consulting your dentist.

Not everyone is an ideal candidate for teeth whitening. If you have weak enamel or cavities, the bleaching product you are using to whiten your teeth can seep through the holes to the nerves, creating lots of pain, sensitivity and discomfort.

Mistake #2. Using a tray that wasn’t fitted to your mouth.

The whitening trays that come in whitening kits are one-size-fits-all, which really means that they don’t fit anyone like they should. If you use a tray that isn’t fitted to your mouth, you could end up with chemical burns on your gums.

Mistake #3. You leave whitening strips on for too long.

It just makes sense that, the longer you leave whitening strips on, the better they will whiten your teeth, but whitening strips have a time limit for a reason. If you leave them on for too long, you are likely to end up with splotches on your teeth instead of a pearly white smile.

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