It takes a lot more than happiness to keep a smile healthy. A healthy smile requires a strong dental care routine, regular visits to the dentist and healthy habits in order for you to have beautiful pearly whites you love. At White Smiles Family Dentistry, we work hard to help you achieve the beautiful smile that you desire, therefore we’ve created a list of dental hygiene habits that a majority of people do, but in turn hurt their teeth.

Chopping down on ice.

So many people take part in this habit. During the hot summer days, it’s hard not to sip on a cold drink and chew the ice that’s left over. The harm in this habit comes from the cold temperature of the ice and the acidity levels of most drinks. These two factors combined contribute to the breakdown of enamel on your teeth, weakening their structure and increasing the risk for cavities.

Grinding your teeth.

Whether you’re mad, or you subconsciously do it while you’re sleeping, grinding your teeth wears them out. Most people do this because of high levels of anxiety or stress, but it can also be because of a bite that hasn’t been corrected or any crooked teeth. We always suggest mouth guards at night for people that grind during the night.

Hard bristle toothbrushes.

The common misconception here is that harder bristles will remove more gunk. For adults, the older you get the more exposed the roots of your teeth become, making them more sensitive overall. When you use a hard bristle brush, you can count on your gums being more sensitive, and the enamel on your teeth wearing down quicker.

Maintain  your happy smile by dropping habits that put your oral hygiene at risk. Remember that routine visits to your dentist are also necessary, so don’t forget to schedule your semi-annual appointment here at White Smiles Family Dentistry in Albertville.