Summertime provides us with countless days of downtime. While it’s easy to say that we’ll work out more, take advantage of those free entree museum days and read a few books by the pool, there will definitely be days that our downtime will get the best of us. Some of the time that we kill will, needless to say, be spent snacking. Between the BBQs and wedding season, there are plenty of opportunities aside from this downtime to get down on some grub. At White Smiles Dentistry, we know that what you eat affects your teeth, and want to provide you with great alternatives to the snacks that hurt your oral health.

Switch Out Your Crunch

Potato chips are a popular side at most BBQs. With so many flavors to choose from, there’s usually something for all to enjoy. While they are tasty, these types of snacks, when chewed up, easily settle into the pits atop our teeth, which creates the bacteria that creates cavities. Switch out this crunchy snack for something with a similar crunch, but a better benefit. Putting out apples, celery, carrots and broccoli will still get the crunch you want, without hurting the smile you love.

Who Doesn’t Like Cheese

Cheese is one of those products that could potentially be the reason the world goes round. It enhances burgers, creates the perfect combo of cracker and salami and let’s be honest, it’s pretty darn good on it’s own. Dairy products like yogurt, cheese and milk are high in calcium and low in sugar, which helps build up your enamel. This is a dish that you can most definitely keep on your picnic table.

For any infections or discomfort that you feel from snacking this summer, you can count on White Smiles Dentistry to take care of your pearly whites. Call today if you need to schedule an appointment with us or if you have any question about the dental services that we offer here in Albertville.