Are you tired of your double chin? Do you feel like it makes you look older or heavier than you actually are? Have you seen no results, despite working out and eating well? A double chin (submental fullness) can be one of the most stubborn parts of your body to fix. That’s because even with a good diet and exercise, it can hang around like an unwelcome houseguest. It’s pretty much impossible to cover up and unlike other parts of your body, there are no exercises that are proven to get rid of submental fullness. It’s frustrating to look in the mirror and not like what you see.

You might think the only way to fix it is to go under the knife with costly plastic surgery, but Kybella is different. Designed to get rid of unsightly fat under the chin, it is administered with an injection. No surgery required! Kybella is the first, and only, injectable double chin treatment on the market. After treatment, you’ll see a noticeable difference. Your friends and family will, too!

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At White Smiles Family Dentistry, we want to help you find happiness in your mirror, not frustration. We’re running a special offer on this treatment now. If you buy three treatments of Kybella, you’ll receive the fourth for free! That means you’ll be on the path to a silhouette you can be proud of; no surgery or strange chin exercises necessary. Dr. White is a certified Kybella Healthcare specialist, so you know he has the experience necessary to get you results. If you want to see what Kybella treatment can do for you, call us today to schedule your consultation! Located right here in Albertville, you won’t have to go far to get a chin and jawline that makes you hold your head high.