1. Tips On Choosing Full Dentures – Minnesota Smiles Matter!

    Is It Time for Full Dentures?  Chances are if the answer to this question is yes, you already know it.  If your dental health has gotten to the point that you need full dentures, even simple tasks are a challenge.  People get to the point of requiring full dentures for two main reasons: Periodontal disease: Also called gingivitis, this condition results in bone loss in the jaw so extensive that…Read More

  2. Summer Snacks That Are Great For Teeth

    Summertime provides us with countless days of downtime. While it’s easy to say that we’ll work out more, take advantage of those free entree museum days and read a few books by the pool, there will definitely be days that our downtime will get the best of us. Some of the time that we kill will, needless to say, be spent snacking. Between the BBQs and wedding season, there are plenty of opportu…Read More